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Course  Price: $380

Enriched Air Nitrox

Welcome to PADI's most popular specialty - the PADI Enriched Air Diver course. Diving with enriched air nitrox lets you safely extend your no stop time beyond the no decompression limits for air. Diving with enriched air means more time underwater - but you need to be certified as an Enriched Air Diver to get enriched air fills.

Whether you're into underwater photography or wreck diving, on vacation in some tropical paradise or just out for a leisurely day of diving at your local dive site, the PADI Enriched Air Diver course helps you get more out of diving by giving you more time underwater.

Before the Course Begins
Class Session
  • Complete Registration

  • We email you learning materials

  • Complete learning material before  first class session

  • We host classroom in store

  • Can be done almost any day

  • Takes about 1 hour

  • Bring your dive computer if you  have one

The Ocean Pro Difference 

100% AWARE

We are partnered with Project AWARE, a global non-profit organization that is Protecting Our Ocean Planet - One Dive at a Time. They are focused on the critical issues of Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris, and we're supporting

them by donating $10 for every student we certify. 

Free Fills

While this course is based in academics, we know that your ultimate goal is to get out diving. When you complete your Enriched Air course with us - we'll give you a coupon for two free nitrox fills or tank rentals so that you can try out your new skills on your next dive.

Low Ratios

We keep our student to instructional staff ratios low to ensure you can progress a pace that is comfortable for you. We keep our numbers to a max of four students to one instructor or less.


You need to have completed your Open Water Diver certification to enroll in this program.

Your Next Adventure

Diving with enriched air nitrox benefits all types of diving, but it goes especially well with these specialties:

  • PADI Wreck Diver course - Popular wrecks tend to be deeper, so enriched air nitrox maximizes your exploration time.

  • PADI Deep Diver course - The deeper you dive, the shorter your no stop time - but enriched air nitrox increases it, giving your more time at depth

  • PADI Digital Underwater Photographer - Photographers usually like to make several dives so they can get lots of pictures. Enriched air nitrox reduces the amount of residual nitrogen you accumulate, allowing repetitive dives to be longer.

  • PADI Master Scuba Diver - The PADI Enriched Air Diver course counts toward your Master Scuba Diver rating -- the highest non professional rating in recreational diving.

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