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Dive Against Debris

Don't let your dives go to waste. Every dive can be a Dive Against Debris. Project AWARE’s flagship citizen-science program, Dive Against Debris®, empowers scuba divers to remove marine debris from the ocean and report data on the types, quantities, and locations of materials collected.

Have Your Dives Count
Submit Data
  • Bring a collection bag along on all your dives

  • Collect marine debris while you dive

  • Record debris data while you dive

  • Don't have a bag? We can supply a basic one for free, or upgrade for a discount on a deluxe bag

  • Fill out a Dive Against Debris data card

  • Submit the data to us and we can submit the data for you

  • Or you can submit your own data with the Project Aware app

Our Adopted Site:

Alouette Lake

We've taken our commitment to cleaner waterways to another level by adopting a local site: Alouette Lake!

Although most of us wouldn't pick Alouette Lake as our dream dive site, it is a stunning park that attracts all sorts of people, and where people gather, trash gathers. We picked Alouette to ensure our local lake stays pristine year round.

As part of adopting Alouette Lake, we've pledged to host monthly Dive Against Debris and surveys at the lake. Every month we'll be out there cleaning up our lake, and we'd love your help! Find out when our next clean up is below, and join the cause!

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