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Discover Rebreather Course

Sunday September 17th - Discover Rebreather Course - $150 per person

Class Session 8AM - 9AM - All Must Attend

 Pool Session Options: 9AM - 10AM(full) / 10AM - 11AM / 11AM - 12PM

Try out a Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather!

When you breathe underwater with a rebreather there's no bubbles, you're in complete silence, weightlessly floating in the water. The rebreather recycles your air when you breath you so don't move, you stay perfectly still, it takes a bit of getting used to but it would be perfect for video/photography and getting even closer to shy critters. 

Course director and rebreather instructor Terry Forsyth will be joining us on the 17th to teach some Discover Rebreather courses. Lots of people are excited about this opportunity and space is limited, if you're interested sign up now!

You'll learn how the unit works, get your questions answered, use it in a pool and get information about the benefits of a rebreather while learning if a rebreather is right for you. 

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September 17th 

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