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Teach Diving


Teach Diving


This is the first step into the professional side of diving. Whether you're wanting to make diving your career, earn a little extra on the side, or just improve your overall diving skills and knowledge, this course is a great option.

If you want to make your hobby your career, and wake up every day excited to go to work, look no further. Becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor opens up a whole world of possibilities and dream destinations wot work.


If you're looking to earn extra money, but want to stay dry, or you're on your way to becoming an Open Water Instructor, then the EFR Instructor course is perfect for you. EFR has no diving prerequisites, so anyone can take the course, diver or not.

Teaching specialties is probably the most fun part of being an instructor. Being able to show students your favorite parts of diving and make them better divers is an incredibly rewarding experience. 


The IDC Staff Instructor course is for divers wanting a serious career in the scuba industry. Whether you work with Ocean Pro Divers or travel the world diving at resorts and on liveaboard - a scuba career will change your life.

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