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Cleanup Dive Maps and Information

alouette lake map.png

White Pine Beach

Port Moody

We've officially teamed up with Metro Vancouvers regional district so we can access new dive sites to cleanup!

This site has washrooms near the parking lot. Since it's busy in during the summer, diving in the cooler months is better to avoid simmers, paddle boarders and boaters. 

The entry has a sandy bottom and a very mild slope. 

Port Moody - White Pine Beach cleanup site_edited.jpg
Harrison Lake Cleanup Site.png
Harrison Lake Cleanup Site.png

Harrison Lake


This cleanup site is under the lakes summer waterpark!

In front of Harrison Lake Hotel there's four buoy markers in the water left of a dock. Those markers are where they set up the waterpark. There's parking near the water by some washrooms on the right side of the dock. 

We've been in contact with the Harrison Water Sports company for permission to dive in the area. 

The entry has a sandy bottom and is an over all shallow dive. This area gets very busy in the summer with boats, simmers, paddle boarders ect, diving in the cooler months is safest. 

Cultus Lake


We normally go to the popular swimming area near the Adventure Park, but this year we are going to explore more areas of the lake. On the north side of the lake the entry has small rocks and has a mild slope. On the east side of the lake the water drops off really fast to deep water. 

It's a good idea to stay away if you're diving in the summer, the lake gets really busy with boats and other water vehicles. Also watch out for possible fishing line entanglement. 

Cultus lake maps.png
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