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Discover Scuba Diving

Have you ever wondered what it's like to breathe underwater? If you want to find out but aren't quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience will let you try scuba to see if you like it. We offer this program at our pool location. Many people like to try it close to home or before heading on vacation.

While not an actual scuba certification, by participating in the Discover Scuba Diving experience you'll learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Course  Price: $125
Before the Course Begins
Class Session
Pool Session
  • Complete Registration

  • Submit the Required Forms

  • If you need a medical ensure it is completely filled out

  • Begins at our shop

  • Learn basics of scuba safety

  • Learn basics of equipment

  • Introduction to skills

  • Practice breathing and swimming underwater

  • Learn basics of buoyancy control

  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to / from pool

The Ocean Pro Difference 

Everything Included

Everyone hates hidden fees; including us. That's  why our courses includes everything you need. There are no hidden fees and no extra costs. All gear is included so you're good to go.

Low Ratios

We keep our student to instructional staff ratios low to ensure you can progress a pace that is comfortable for you. We keep our numbers to a max of four students to one instructor or less.

Your Next Adventure

Once you complete a Discover Scuba Diving program, you'll want to check out the PADI Open Water Diver course. If you sign up for the Open Water course within a month after your Discover Scuba, get $50 off!

Age Requirement
  • Must be 10 years old or older

  • Children under 14 only accepted with a parent or guardian's enrollment

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