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Buy Used

Buying Used? Buy serviced gear from our Rental Fleet! Our rental gear comes with our personal guarantee that it will work the way you expect, or we will fix it! Try getting that from Craig's List.


All drysuits come with a Dry Dive Guarantee. Take your suit out for your first dive (within the first 2 weeks of receiving it from us). If it leaks, we will repair it at zero charge. Most of our suits also come with your choice of seals and if you want anything else customized, we'll get that done at 25% off.

Bare Trilam Tech Dry suits starting at $2000 and Bare Nex-Gen suits starting at $1200.


All of our regulators are fully serviced before delivery. We guarantee our work to provide you with perfectly working regulators!

Agualung Titan/ABS Octo with a combo depth and air gauge console and a mini retractor, fully serviced starting at $1000.


All of our BCDs come with integrated weight pockets, a safety whistle and an octo holder.

Aqualung Axiom and Apex Black Ice BCDs with weight pockets, safety whistle and octo holder starting at $400.

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