Women's Dive Day

PADI Women’s Dive Day has grown into the most celebrated day of diving on the planet, transforming lives and opening the door to the underwater world. For eight years, the dive community has rallied together to encourage divers of all genders, ages, races, backgrounds, and abilities to confidently explore and protect the ocean.  

Diving is for everyone, regardless of sex, age, race, or background.

Come celebrate the inclusiveness of the sport
Date: July 16th 2022

Location: Porteau Cove

Time: 8:00 AM Start

What?!: We will be having fun dives and a BBQ! Divers can choose to do one or two dives. If you need rental gear, please contact the shop.

The BBQ lunch will be $10, with proceeds going to the Elizabeth Fry Society. We will also have a donation box for anyone who wishes to give something extra to the Elisabeth Fry Society

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