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Sunday Fun Dive

We know that you are always looking for the opportunity to get out diving, and we are too! Almost every Sunday we get together and go out for a fun dive, and we'd love it if you joined! This is a great way to learn a new site or to gain some experience for an upcoming course!

We want to dive just as much as you do, so we're out at sites every weekend and you're welcome to join. This is not a Divemaster lead dive, if you don't already have a buddy, you'll be buddied up with one of the other divers that come on out. Our staff are frequently at these events and can give you trips on where to go and give you a hand if you have any issues on the surface.

Fun dives help build a strong diving community in a safe and organized setting. We want to get people out diving and show them the most popular dive sites in Vancouver and beyond. Fun Dives are for certified divers who have been out cold water diving in the last twelve months. If it has been more than 12 months since your last cold water dive, ask about our Discover Local Diving or the Reactivate Program.

Powell River 15-03-14 (6).JPG


Open Water certification and Drysuit certification to enroll in this program.


Log Book demonstrating a logged dive within the previous 12 months. If you need help meeting this requirement, join us for a ReActivate

Need to Dive Sooner?

If you want to jump in the water, but aren't quite confident diving without a professional, check out our Discover Local Diving experience

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