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Pavilion Lake 2022

Join us for a Motorcycle, Rock Climbing, Microbialite/Altitude Dive at magical Pavilion Lake! 

Join for the whole trip.. or just select parts. Just let us know ahead of time which parts you plan to join, so we can save the campsite.

Dates: July 29th - Aug 1st 2022
Trip Cost: Free
Provide Your Own:
  • Motorcycle 

  • Climbing gear

  • Tent and camping fees

  • Food

  • Dive gear or make a rental

  • Alternative transportation if not motorcycling

Thank you to Donnie Reid for the excellent photos of Pavillion Lake

Friday July 29th - Travel to Pavillion Lake

Saturday July 30th - Diving or rock climbing.. for semi experienced climbers... spectator options available.. If a never rock climbed but interested to learn.. ask us about our climbing wall and rock climbing courses

Sunday July 31st - Diving ...If you are not altitude certified.. no problem you can take the course and get certified this weekend.

Monday August 1st- (holiday Monday) - Drive Home

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