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2022 Green Challenge

Year of the GREEN

The past couple of years we have been working hard at setting up our green initiatives. We do monthly clean up's at Alouette Lake, use re-usable cups / plates and cutlery when possible, have an extensive recycling set up, promote brands with green initiatives, and more.

This year we're taking it a step further, and we need your help!

Our goal is to remove 1,500lbs of garbage out of our waters this year.

The Challenge:

Earn points by doing certain "green" activities. At the end of the year we will tally up the points and you can get prizes based off how many points you've earned. If OPD achieves its goal, we have a big BBQ with food / snacks covered by the shop, and if you get a certain amount of points your get tokens for either a free drinks or free desserts, AND extra raffle tickets for some sweet prizes.

The Points:

5 points - Attend one of our monthly clean-ups
10 points - Buy an OPD branded debris bag
20 points - Take the PADI AWARE specialty with us
2 points - Do you own clean up and prove it by sending us a photo AND submit the clean up data to PADI Aware
2 points - Drop off your cans and bottles at a Return-It depot using the MLSS donation tag

The Prizes:

10-29 point - OPD / Green Challenge hat
30-50 points - Free air card or tank rental card
51-80 points - Reusable prize pack (PADI cutlery, OPD water bottle, OPD Travel mug)
81-99 points - Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest OR two other in stock marine books
100 + points - Bioherm Specialty with charter included and a Green Challenge t-shirt


Trash Removed So Far: 20lbs

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