2021 Rental Sale

Every year, the Earth yields billions of tons of natural resources and at some point, in the not too distant future, it will run out.

That’s why we must think again about what we throw away – seeing not waste, but opportunity.

This year for International Recycling Day, we would like to encourage reusing gear as much as possible so let us repurpose our rental gear into your personal dive kit.

Rental Sale Is Now Ongoing!
Still Great Deals To Be Had!
Why Buy From a Rental Sale?

All gear will be serviced prior to you taking it home! This means you're guaranteed gear in good working order. Plus, all our gear is perfect for cold water, so you don't have to second guess whether your BCD will hold enough weight or your regs will stand up to our waters.

Because we service your gear before giving it to you, you won't be able to take the big items (BCD, regulators or drysuits) home with you the day of the sale. We will have about a 2-3 week lead time to get it serviced before you take it. During that time, you are welcome to unlimited free rentals of the purchased item.


All of our BCDs come with integrated weight pockets, a safety whistle and an octo holder. Most of our BCD's are Apeks Black Ice, Aqualung Axiom, Aqualung Pro HD, and Oceanic Oceanpro. These BCDs range from $325 - $525. We also have a few other mismatched BCDs.


These BCDs range from $325 - $525

Regular Retail: $685 - $1,011


All of our regulators come with first and second stages, hoses, gauges and mini-retractors. Most of our regulators are Aqualung Core Supreme, Aqualung Titan, Oceanic cDX / Alpha 10 and Oceanic SP5 / Alpha 8. These regs range from $600 - $1,200. We also have a few other mismatched regs and pony regs.


These regulators range from $600 - $1,200

Regular Retail: $1,200 - $1,505


All drysuits come with a Dry Dive Guarantee. Take your suit out for your first dive (within the first 2 weeks of receiving it from us). If it leaks, we will repair it at zero charge. Most of our suits also come with your choice of seals and if you want anything else customized, we'll get that done at 25% off. Most of our drysuits are Bare Trilam Tech Dry and Bare Nex Gen. These suits range from $600 - $2,200. We also have a few other mismatched suits available.


These drysuits range from $600 - $2,200

Regular Retail: $1,889 - $2,715

Boots and Fins

We have a wide variety of boots and fins of all sizes. Our boots are mostly Bare and Hollis brand, and range from $25 - $100. We have all sorts of different fins from many brands. They range from $25 - $180, and include tropical full foot fins, as well as cold water fins with spring straps.


Boots range from $25 - $100 and Fins range from $25 - $180

Regular Retail: Boot: $169.95 & Fins: $120 - $229

Hoods and Gloves

We have a wide variety of hoods and gloves of all sizes. Our hoods are mostly Bare brand, and range from $5 - $60. We have all sorts of different gloves from many brands, however most of them are from Bare. They range from $5 - $50.


Hoods and Gloves range from $5 - $60

Regular Retail: Hoods: $90 & Glove: $61.95

Masks and Accessories

We have a wide variety of masks of all sizes, and all sorts of accessories. Masks range from $40 - $90. We have Suunto Zoop and Aqualung i300C computers that range from $200 - $300, Suunto SK8 Compasses for $110, SMBs for $30, and many more items!


Masks range from $40 - $90, Computers from $200 - $300, Compasses $110 & SMBs $30

Regular Retail: Masks: $120 - $145, Computers: $329.95 - $431

Compasses $154.90, SMBs $50

Our entire rental fleet will be for sale, including tanks, undergarments and pool wetsuits not shown here. Be sure to come by and check out everything we have!