BBQ & Fun Dive

We know that you are always looking for the opportunity to get out diving. Every month we schedule a free fun local dive day with one of our friendly divemasters. This is a great way to learn a new site or to gain some experience for an upcoming course!

In the spring and summer, we often bring out the BBQ and throw in lunch for only $10! New and experienced divers alike join us to get out and dive. So what are you waiting for?

Fun dives help build a strong diving community in a safe and organized setting. We want to get people out diving and show them the most popular dive sites in Vancouver and beyond. Fun Dives are for certified divers who have been out cold water diving in the last twelve months. If it has been more than 12 months since your last cold water dive, ask about our Discover Local Diving or the Reactivate Program.

Fun Dive


2019 Fun Dives

Mar 10 - Tuwanek Register
April 14 - Edmonds Marine Park - Washington State (2 hr drive across the boarder - open water friendly) Register
May 11 - Porteau Cove Register
June 8 - Rental Sale at the Shop Register

Can't make our fun dives? Why not hire a private divemaster guide for a Discover Local Diving experience at one of our local dive sites.


Fun Dive

Before the Dive Day

Be sure to register for these dive by either calling or emailing the shop. While it is unusual, we sometimes need to change locations or times due to conditions on the day. If we don't know you are coming - we can't keep you up to date! Plus it helps our DM plan better to know how many divers will be in the water! You should also be sure to organize your rental gear at least 5 days in advance of the dive.

On the Day

Your DM will meet you at the dive site at approximately 9am. After a short safety briefing, we will help you get geared up and away for the dive. Our divemaster will guide the dive pointing out local features and marine life. This is a great chance for you to practice skills, so be sure to let the DM know if you want to brush up on anything. At the end of the dives, we debrief and pack up and return to the shop to drop off rental gear.

The dives themselves are approximately 40 to 50 minutes long. The days begin early so we can be assured parking. A site orientation is provided to familiarize divers with the facilities, points of interest and potential hazards of the dive site. Each dive is briefed and debriefed and logged. You will be assembling and disassembling your own equipment before, after and between dives. The day is usually wrapping up by late afternoon and we return to the shop each day to complete our log books and change tanks or put away gear.

You are responsible for your own transportation and for picking up and transporting your rental equipment for the ocean dives. Gear is ready for pick up on the day before before your ocean dives. We will pack it for you and show you how to check over rental equipment.


Fun Diver Forms