Gear Servicing

To extend the life of your equipment and to minimize the chance of diving accidents, it is critical that your equipment be in top working order for every dive. Whether you own just a mask, snorkel and fins, or a complete set of scuba gear, every diving dollar you invest will be maximized through proper equipment maintenance procedures and annual servicing.

Ocean Pro Divers offers key support in the subject of equipment selection, repair and maintenance, dealer upgrades, and safety and education. We carry a large selection of spare parts and our certified technicians perform a variety of in-shop repairs. Our visual tank inspection programs and equipment overhaul services will keep you diving safely and comfortably all year round.


We are please to offer air and nitrox fills (32% or custom blends up to 80%) for all certified divers. Our staff are qualified gas blenders and can ensure you get both accurate and quality fills. We have our air tested four times annually by an independent lab to ensure the gas you are breathing meets or exceeds all safety standards. As part of our commitment to safety, we will only provide fills to divers providing proof of certification. All tanks must be properly labelled and have current visuals and hydrostatic testing prior to filling. Only DOT or DOT/TC cylinders will be filled. Cylinders will not be filled beyond their pressure limits. You may be required to have a visual inspection on any tank that is suspected of internal water exposure (usually tanks that are allowed to fall below acceptable pressure limits). Visuals must be completed by certified Dive Centres or PSI Inspection Facilities.

Tank Size/Gas Price
All Sizes Air Tank $10
19CF, 30CF, 40CF Nitrox Tank (32% pre-blend) $10
80CF to 130CF Nitrox Tank (32% pre-blend) $15
O2 per CF (price subject to change based on current price of O2) $1.10
Fill Cards Price
10 Air Fills $80
10 Nitrox Fills (32% Pre-Blend) $127.50

Cylinder Service

Your scuba tanks need annual service to keep them in tip top shape. Please note: we will not service or fill any tank older than 25 years. Service prices do not include parts or fills.

Annual VIP
5 Year Full Service
Visual Inspection Plus $20
Hydrostatic Test $30
Valve Service * $50
Tank O2 Clean $30
Valve O2 Clean $30
Tank Tumble * $30

*Recommended Service

Regulator Service

An annual service includes a complete disassembly, sonic cleaning of all metal parts, inspection and cleaning of all internal components, lubing and reassembling the regulator's - 1st and 2nd stage and alternate air source. We will also check, lube and replace your high pressure gauge o-rings and spool. All batteries will be tested. Your regulator is then cycled multiple times to assure proper seating of the internal components. After this settling period, it will be fine-tuned and adjusted to manufacturers specifications.

Service prices below apply to Apeks, Aqualung, Atomic, Diverite, ScubaPro, Sherwood regulators ... call for an estimate for all other manufacturers. Regulator service prices do not include parts.

Annual Service ($130) Price
1st Stage $60
2nd Stage Primary $30
2nd Stage Alternate $30
Hose Check & Service (up to 3 hoses) $20
Service Evaluation (returned disassembled) $50
Regulator Inspection (performed on manufacturer warranty regulators only) $60

Drysuit Service

Leak Test (most brands) $90
Patch Repair (per incident) $64

BCD Service

Cleaning $15
Inflator Service $30
Valve Check $15

Dive Computers

Battery Change - varies based on computer model $52 to $99