Looking for the first step in working with scuba as a career? Your adventure into the professional levels of recreational scuba diving begins with the PADI Divemaster program. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills to the professional level. PADI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. PADI Divemaster is the prerequisite certification for both the PADI Assistant Instructor and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications



You must complete all of the course components below in order to apply to PADI as a Divemaster.

Divemaster Independent Study

Get started with the Divemaster Online program! You will start your divemaster program with an on-line learning portion which you can complete at your own pace. Whether you're on the go or want to take it slow, now you can complete a large portion of the knowledge development required for the PADI Divemaster course with PADI eLearning. It's a great match for your active schedule.

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Course Fee: $248

Divemaster Training

Once you have completed the on-line portion of the program, you are ready to begin training with our instructional team. During this portion of the course, our instructors will mentor you through a series of discussion on topics including dive physics, equipment care and maintenance, working with students and certified divers, diving physiology and more. In addition we spend time at the pool and in the ocean refining your diving skills to the expert level. Through a number of exercises you will test both your organizational and leadership skills.

The dates listed below are tentative course dates. As soon as you are ready to start your training just give us a call and we will customize a course to start when you are !!

Course Fee: $400

After you have completed both the On-Line Learning portion of the course and the Divemaster Training program, you are ready to send your application into PADI to become a certified divemaster.


Course Curriculum

Before the Program Begins

When you sign up for the course, we'll make arrangements for you to come into the store to pick up your student package which includes your learning material. At that time, we will also review the Required Forms and get you fitted for gear. We encourage you to pick up your student package at least 14 days before your course begins as you will want to complete the learning material prior to your first classroom session.

Class Session

We host the classroom session(s) at the store, prior to your ocean dives. You must have completed your knowledge reviews along with any other required course forms prior to your first classroom session. This is also a good opportunity to purchase any required gear for the course that you may not already own. Finally, if you haven't been fitted for gear or made your rental booking for your dives, we can take care of this during the classroom session. Classroom sessions typically run from 7pm to 9pm, however, you should check the specific course schedule for your program.

Pool Session

After your classroom session, we head off to our local pool to put some of your new skills to use. It is especially important that your medical documentation is completed prior to your pool session. Students who arrive with incomplete medical documentation may not be able to participate in the pool session and may be subject to additional fees for a make up session. Please discuss any concerns with our store staff well before your first in-water training session. You will need to be able to transport yourself and your gear to the pool, which is about a 5 minute drive away. Pool sessions typically run from 9pm to 11pm, however, you should check the specific course schedule for your program.

Ocean Dives

Finally, you are ready to head to the ocean! You will complete your dives at one of our local training sites. Meet time is typically 8am at the dive site, however, you should confirm this with your instructor at the classroom session.

At the site, you will be assembling and disassembling your own equipment before, after and between dives. Each dive is briefed and debriefed and logged and lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. The day is usually wrapping up by late afternoon and we return to the shop each day to complete our log books and change tanks or put away gear.


We Provide:

  • Expert instruction from our team of PADI Instructors
  • Air and tank fills for your training dives
  • Unlimited access to our pool for practice sessions and skill development during your program

You Supply:

  • As a professional, you are expected to provide a full scuba kit in accordance with PADI standards.
  • Course Material is an additional cost for all professional level programs. We recommend the PADI Divemaster Crew Pack. Required materials include:
    • Divemaster Manual
    • Instructor Manual
    • RDP (Table format and eRDP ML format) with Instructions for Use
    • The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving - a comprehensive overview of diving physics, physiology, and equipment
    • Diving Knowledge Workbook
    • How to Choose and Use a Dive Computer Manual
    • Divemaster Slates
    • Log Book
  • Divemaster application fees are payable to PADI upon course completion.

Course Prerequisites


Other Courses That Will Prepare You for Success as a PADI Divemaster

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