Open Water Diver and Drysuit Certification

If you've always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world's most popular scuba course, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle, and we have made it better by combining it with our Drysuit Certification. You can even start your scuba certification online.

Open Water Diver and Drysuit Certification


2019 Courses

We are still updating our 2019 schedule ... Please check the Calendar Page for dates. If you do not see a date that works for you, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your schedule.

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Need a different schedule. Just ask - we will do our best to accommodate! We will offer this course with a minimum of four students. Private options are also available.


Open Water Course Curriculum

Before the Program Begins

When you sign up for the course, we will send documentation via email. We will also provide your access codes to the learning material (which comes in your choice of digital formats). You will want to complete the learning material prior to your first classroom session.

Class and Pool Sessions

On your first session with us, we will review the learning material. It is critical that you have fully completed your on line learning prior to this session. On this evening, we will also get you sized for gear, discuss the full course curriculum and answer any questions you may have about diving.

On each subsequent session, we begin with a review of the important skills we will be learning that night. This is followed by a pool dive where we will practice skills in the water. Our program includes 7.5 hours of in-water training. We keep our student to instructional staff ratios low to ensure you can progress a pace that is comfortable for you.

Ocean Dives

This is where the real fun is! These dives are to get acquainted with the ocean environment, to put the skills you learned in the pool to the test in the ocean and to discover what diving really is like. We use a number of training sites to ensure that you experience the diversity of diving that British Columbia offers.

The PADI Open Water course requires 4 training dives in the ocean. We offer 5 so you can meet the requirments for the Dry Suit Specialty and be certified to rent or buy a drysuit the next time you go diving! Your ocean dives will acquaint you with the marine environment here in Vancouver and we regularly see sea stars, sole, various crabs, tubeworms, anemones, tunicates, sea cucumbers and a variety of other fish and invertebrates. If we are very lucky we may even find a resident seal or octopus.

The dives themselves are approximately 30 to 40 minutes long and do not exceed 60 feet/18 metres. The days begin early so we can be assured parking. A site orientation is provided to familiarize divers with the facilities, points of interest and potential hazards of the dive site. Each dive is briefed and debriefed and logged. Students will be assembling and disassembling their own equipment before, after and between dives. The day is usually wrapping up by late afternoon and we return to the shop each day to complete our log books and change tanks or put away gear.

Students are responsible for their own transportation and for picking up and transporting their rental equipment for the pool and ocean dives. Gear is ready for pick up on the Friday before your ocean weekend. We will pack it for you and show you how to check over rental equipment. If you require carpooling or transportation please check with your classmates.


What gear will you need?

We Provide:
  • PADI Digital Log Book
  • Use of ALL required scuba gear including drysuit and hood, BCD, regulator set, tanks and weights, mask, snorkel, fins, gloves and boots
  • Use of ALL accessory scuba gear including whistle, dive slate and surface marker buoy.
  • Use of a dive computer throughout your Open Water program.
  • Drysuit specialty training - British Columbia diving is Cool (in more ways than one!). Our program includes the dry suit speciality and drysuit rental so that you will be prepared for dining in our local waters.
You Supply:
  • Swimsuit and towel

Course Prerequisites

To enroll in the PADI Open Water Diver and Drysuit Certification or PADI Junior Open Water Diver and Drysuit Certification, you must be 10 years or older. Please note: children 14 and under are only accepted into the program when a parent enrolls at the same time.

Swim Requirement: On the first night at the pool, you are required to complete a swim of 200m using any stroke with no time limit and to complete a 10 minute tread or float. Most students with basic swimming skills find this is no issue, however, if you have any concerns - this is a great time to get out to the pool and get wet!


Ocean Pro Divers Difference

$50 Gift Certificate

As a new customer to our dive centre, and a future dive buddy for us, we'd like to say 'thank you' by giving you an exclusive offer on a mask, fins, and snorkel package. Students who purchase any regularly priced mask, snorkel, and cold-water fins between registering for the Open Water and the course completion date will receive a $50 gift certificate to be used towards their next purchase. Offer is only valid when all items are purchased as a set (not individually) and expires upon completion of the course.

5 dives

Most Open Water Courses only contain 4 dives. But we offer 5 so you can complete your DrySuit speciality certification, maximize your training experience, and have more fun in the water!

Drysuit Speciality Included

We want our students to be prepared for diving in our local waters. Some dive shops are still teaching in wetsuits (we can still do it too, if you bring your own) but it's just not fun being cold. All of our instructors and divemasters dive in Drysuits. So, it only makes sense for us to teach you in a dry suit also. Dry suit specialities usually cost around $229 on top of your Open Water Diver course. However, becuase we know how important it is to your diving expericne, we have drasticly reduced it and included it in our price.

Free Equipment Rental

A gift from us to you - a free one day Equipment Rental to be used within 3 months of your course completion date. This rental includes all basic scuba gear (you provide your mask, snorkel and fins) for a day of diving. Since you are taking your drysuit specialty during the Open Water course, we have included the drysuit in this rental. The value of this rental is over $100!

Referral Course

Some of our divers prefer to finish off their courses in tropical destinations. Whether you are joining us on a warm water vacation or have a trip of your own planned - we can help you with a Referral Program to most destinations around the world!

Private Lessons

If you prefer, you can join us for our Semi-Private Program- designed for people who are short on time! This semi-private program has a maximum of two students. You complete your academic sessions on-line at your own pace with our eLearning pass and we work with you to design a pool and ocean schedule that meets your needs.

The Fun Part

The fun part about this course is . . . well, just about all of it because learning to dive is incredible. You breathe underwater for the first time (something you'll never forget) and learn what you need to know to become a certified diver. We will work with you to design a pool and ocean schedule that meets your needs.

Get High School Credit

You can earn High School Credit for the PADI Open Water Diver and Drysuit Certification!

Your Next Adventure

Once you have a taste for diving, you are going to want to get out in the water as often as you can! The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps you increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. This is a great way to get more dives under your belt while continuing to learn under the supervision of your PADI Instructor.

Course Fee for Openwater and Drysuit Certifications: $660