Equipment Specialist

Don't miss a dive due to a scuba gear issue. Whether it's a blown o-ring, regulator problem, wetsuit tear or a broken fin strap, you can learn how to manage basic scuba equipment adjustments.

As a PADI Equipment Specialist, you are prepared for the basic scuba equipment maintenance, care and adjustments you'll encounter every day. In addition, you'll learn interesting background information about how your gear works, how it's repair and other information that helps you with your equipment investment.

Equipment Diver


This course is offered on request. Just call us to book your session.

We will offer this course with a minimum of two students.


Course Curriculum

Before the Program Begins

When you sign up for the course, we'll make arrangements for you to come into the store to pick up your student package which includes your learning material. We encourage you to pick up your student package at least 14 days before your course begins as you will want to complete the learning material prior to your first classroom session.

Class Session

We host the classroom session(s) at the store. You must have completed your knowledge reviews along with any other required course forms prior to your first classroom session. Classroom sessions typically run from 7pm to 9pm, however, you should check the specific course schedule for your program.


What gear will you need?

We Provide:
  • All required learning materials.
  • This is a non-diving course. Scuba gear is not required.
You Provide:
  • Specialty Kit - no specialty gear required for this course, however, many students find the PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving to be an invaluable resource.

Course Prerequisites

You need to have completed your Open Water diver course to enroll in this program.


The Fun Part

The more you know about how your dive gear works, the more:

Your Next Adventure

The PADI Equipment Specialist Course is not an equipment repair course, but it provides the foundation you'll want if you're interested in learning scuba equipment repair.

If you find the technical components of this course challenging, you may enjoy the Divemaster course.

Course Fee: $199

(Not eligible for discount speacials unless specifically included)