Change and Cancellation Policy

Full payment for the course is required at the time of booking. Once we have received your full payment, course materials will be released. Once payment has been made, course fees are non-refundable except as outlined below.

Cancellation - Medical

Our courses are non-refundable once booked. The only exception to this is course cancellations with 14 days advance notice AND for medical purposes. Course materials are non-refundable - please ensure you address any medical concerns prior to commencing the academic portion of your course.

If a course must be cancelled due to a failed medical we offer a full refund on the course tuition, less the cost of course materials. This refund is available only if we are notified in writing more than 14 days prior to course commencement. A physician-signed medical release noting the reason for cancellation will be required.

If cancellation due to failed medical is within 14 days of the course commencement or after commencing the course, no refund is available.

Please ensure you complete the medical documentation and discuss any concerns you have with us. Cancellations for non-medical reasons are not refundable at any time.

Transfer to a New Course - 14 days notice

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from starting your course on the agreed course commencement date. Transfers may be made to another program as long as the new program start date is within the 12 months following your original commencement date. There is no penalty for this transfer as long as 14 days advance notice is provided.

Transfers to a New Course - less than 14 days notice

Transfer requests made prior to the course commencement but with less than 14 day notice will incur a $50 transfer fee payable at the time of the transfer. Once the course has commenced, there is a $100 fee to transfer to a new course payable at the time of the transfer.

These fees apply regardless of the reason for the transfer. Transfers may be made to another program as long as the new program start date is within the 12 months following your original commencement date. Please note: if you have a gap in your diving history of more than 3 to 6 months, you may be required to participate in a Scuba Tune Up (at an additional cost). This will be determined with you and your instructor and is based on your experience and skill level.

No-shows will be treated as a course cancellation with no refunds made.

Missed Sessions

We understand that students may miss a session due to illness or emergency. Should you miss a class/pool session or ocean session, you will be required to take a make-up session at an additional cost of $50 per class/pool session missed or $100 per day of diving. This allows us to bring in additional staff to work directly with you to ensure that the necessary level of mastery of the information and skills is achieved. Private sessions are also available to students who would like a little additional time or personal attention to fully develop their skills.

Trip Reservations/Cancellations

Our trip cancellation policy varies based on the requirements of the specific destination/resort. In the absence of specific trip cancellation details, the following policy will apply:

Reservations for all trips may be made at Ocean Pro Divers with a 30% deposit. Full payment is due 60 days prior to trip departure. IF payment is not made, we will activly try to sell your spot. At 30 days prior to trip departure, we reserve the right to sell your trip for the amount owing, at which point there will be no refund of any kind. Cancellations will be refunded according to the following schedule: