Want to know more? Here's who we are.

We Dive

We love diving. Every kind of diving! We dive for fun, fitness, freedom, exploration, conservation and sometimes even therapy.

You Dive

We work hard to making diving easy for you - beginner or expert, family or individual, young or only young at heart - to get the products, service and support you need, whenever you dive.

Dive with Us!

Come in and try diving with Ocean Pro Divers. We'd love the chance to help you dive more!

Welcome to Ocean Pro Divers

Our mission is to always provide an excellent customer experience for all types of divers. Drop by any time to judge for yourself and let us know what you think.

Community Engagement

We commit to support diving, divers and our community. We especially try to help ensure our local and international waters continue to offer a healthy, rich and safe environment for divers today and in the future. This community focus means that Ocean Pro Divers regularly contributes to local charities, programs and organizations that support water safety and marine conservation.

Product Selection

We strive to offer a wide selection of world class products, in stock or on-demand. All delivered in a welcoming and efficient store, with guaranteed fair prices and helpful advice from experienced staff.


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